Month: December 2016

ASOS Customer Services

ASOS prides itself as the UK’S finest and largest online fashion and beauty retailing shop and it stocks more than 60,000 products from worldwide brands as well as their own. Naturally, with all this work they must need a dedicated and efficient customer care department. And that, so far, seems to be exactly what they are doing. So what are some of the questions over which most customers and clients usually contact the ASOS customer service team? Well the list is not really that long it can be summarized in just four FAQs.

How can I place and track my order?

This is definitely the most repeated question in the history of online retailing and it still remains pertinent today.  Everyone wants to know how they can buy stuff from the online shop. According to the ASOS customer service page, anyone with an accepted payment account can create, place and pay for an order on their website from any corner of the globe. They ship worldwide. Even though you do not need to register as a customer in order to initiate an order, it would still be best for you to register first. By registering you provide contact information that the ASOS customer service team can use to reach you anytime there is a problem or a question regarding your order. This element is also useful when it comes to tracking your orders.

When will my purchases be delivered?

Most people who shop from sites like Amazon and EBay have third parties to thank for the fast delivery of their goods. However, the time it takes from ordering to eventual delivery depends on a number of factors. The first of these is obviously your particular location. The further you are from the ASOS facilities then the longer it might take to reach you. Closely attached to this question is that of shipping payment-something the customer care team gets asked quite a lot about. Again here- and unlike most other online vendors- ASOS provides free shipping of all orders placed through their website.

ASOS maintains two separate facilities with one dedicated specifically to customer care and the other being used as the administrative headquarters of the company. The customer care office is located in Hertfordshire while their main offices are located in London.

When is the ASOS Customer care center reachable?

Although ASOS does not have a dedicated 24/7 customer service team, they definitely have the next best thing. All communication lines with the company are open from 8 AM to 8 PM every single day and customers are advised to contact the company only within this duration in order to get the best service. Depending on your specific issue, you can also call two different lines for the company. For general enquiries call the number 0844 385 1700 or call the London office directly to speak to any of the top managers in the comp any.

Other related support service:


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